Luschiim (Arvid Charlie)

Cowichan Elder

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Luschiim (Arvid Charlie) is a Cowichan Elder who holds an honorary doctorate from Vancouver Island University for his extensive knowledge of the land, its resources, and traditional practices. He is the son of Violet Charlie and late Simon Charlie. Luschiim has spent decades on the waters of the traditional territory of Cowichan Tribes First Nation. Initially a canoe racer, he became a skipper in both canoe races and Tribal Journeys. Luschiim knows many marine and terrestrial plant and animal resources, their uses, and sustainable harvesting practices. He is greatly concerned about impending pipeline expansion and increased tanker traffic both due to impacts on the environment such as increased erosion and spills that will affect salmon and impact the lives and the safety of canoeist and kayakers who are exposed to more frequent tanker wakes. Lushiim has served as an elected member of Cowichan Tribes’ Council for over 40 years