Watersheds 2020 virtual edition is Coming! October 15-16, 2020


“Watersheds” is an ongoing series of forums designed to inspire and nourish B.C.’s water community —an almost decade-long tradition of engaging with innovative ideas and bold thinking, building strong connections and networks in our freshwater community, learning from tangible examples and capacity-building workshops, and finding sustainable solutions to pressing problems and changing realities.

Watersheds 2020 will build directly on the learnings and successes of past forums including Watersheds 2018, Watersheds 2016, Watersheds 2014, and the 2012 Solutions Forum. Learn about our past forums in the “Forums” header above.

Many of you have been part of this movement and are a vital part of our growing community of water champions. Attending a Watersheds forum will help you become inspired and engaged to make a difference in your watershed.



Join us October 15-16, 2020 for a virtual gathering that brings together a diverse community of water leaders —including Indigenous Nations, watershed groups, local and provincial government staff, funders, and a network of practitioners and champions—to build and deepen connections, learn from one another, and explore opportunities for improved watershed decision-making.

This virtual event will offer a small and stimulating sampling of talks, panels, and interactive opportunities to set us up well for our in-person get together anticipated in 2021.

Watersheds 2020 is being shaped by the needs and priorities identified by the water community and offers a chance for deeper understanding of the emerging issues and the opportunities to create change, build community resilience, and longer-term watershed security.

Keynote Announcement! 

A thought-provoking session to kick off Watersheds 2020! John Borrows (Canadian Research Chair in Indigenous Law, Faculty of Law, UVic) will give a keynote presentation on ‘Indigenous Law, Reconciliation and Governance – Insights and Perspective for the Future’. This talk will be part of a broader panel with discussants to provide some additional perspectives for collective reflection on our relationships in our watersheds and with each other.

John’s talk will be based on some of his recent work including: Resurgence and Reconciliation & Laws Indigenous Ethics. You can read more about John Borrows’ current research here.

An innovative program, information on lead-in events, and the registration link for the free virtual forum are coming soon!

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