Watersheds is an ongoing series of forums that has been designed to inspire and nourish B.C’s water community. For over a decade, Watersheds has brought together a diverse community of water leaders to engage with innovative ideas, build connections, and collaborate on solutions to pressing freshwater challenges.

Fresh water in British Columbia faces many challenges that will require cross-cutting solutions in water law, policy, and governance. Grappling with these challenges requires us to work together—across cultures, disciplines, and institutions—and to build or re-build relationships with each other based on trust, respect, and meaningful collaboration.

By bringing together water practitioners, watershed groups, Indigenous nations and organizations, and other changemakers from across B.C. and beyond, Watersheds has created a tradition of building and deepening connections among B.C.’s freshwater community. Past forums have sought to find sustainable solutions and enhance collective capacity to advance watershed governance. Learn more about past forums>

Artist and graphic facilitator Sam Bradd (Drawing for Change) created this graphic illustration under the direction of Kelly Bannister and Claire Wood and with input from the POLIS team. The image communicates the unfolding of a decade-long journey towards place-based watershed governance in B.C. Special elements of each of the biennial Watersheds forums are highlighted along the way, reminding us of the people, places, ideas, and actions that have catalyzed and grown the watershed movement that we are all part of today.