Angus McAllister

President of McAllister Opinion Research


Angus McAllister is President of McAllister Opinion Research. McAllister uses an array of qualitative and quantitative interview, data capture, and analytical tools help clients understand what works and what doesn’t in engaging and moving the constituencies that matter to them. In the past decade, McAllister Opinion Research has interviewed over 350,000 thought leaders and citizens in over a dozen nations. McAllister clients include major universities in Canada and the United States, governments in four provinces, seven federal government agencies, and several NGOs. Prior to founding McAllister in 2001, Angus served as Vice President, Global Research with Ipsos-Reid, and prior to that was Vice President with Environics International in Toronto. He also enjoyed five years with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Energy in the early 1990s. Angus studied sociology and statistics to earn his Master’s degree from Carleton University in 1989.